interior design

She says: Metal | The Rebel. A good guy with a bad boy way. He minds his p's and q's but he doesn't conform. He's ahead of his time and of the trends. Smart, funny, and handsome. A lethal combination. His manners are impeccable, when he chooses to use them. His work ethic matches his lust for life. He's a world traveler, a bike rider, and a terrible magician. When he's in, he's all in. He keeps me laughing. A bit OCD, a bit "I don't give a damn", and more than anything a good man. Loyal and strong, when he asked me out for coffee, I said yes. Married since July, this is our happily ever after. 


He says: Petal | Gangster Rap + Coffee +Yoga + Mother + Champagne + All Love.  Her trajectory is in the stars.  Establishing trends in every aspect of life and tackling goals with a sophisticated presence second to none.  She has an eye for design unseen by most until revealed, a heart drawing it all together, and a thirst for adventure that keeps her uncomfortable.  Everyday with her is met with a smile that drives you over any obstacle.  Asking her for coffee has made me the happiest man alive and I have cherished her every day since.