residential + commercial design

It's Not All Glamorous

Jade Joyner

Today I’m joined by the beautiful and the smart Jessica Webber of Webber Coleman. Kitchen and bath designer, Jessica chats about her family business and how it’s not all glamorous. Listen in as we talk about strengths and weaknesses of working with family and the design business.

Finding Balance with Shannon Ball

Jade O'Connor

Join me as I sit down with Shannon Ball, yoga instructor and owner of Five Points Yoga. Full of wisdom and experience, listen in as Shannon explain how to keep balance in your life; taking care of yourself before others and how to feel comfortable in your own skin.

The Reasons Why

Jade Joyner

I wanted to share the reasons why I started the Metal + Petal podcast, No Hesitations. I want to celebrate entrepreneurs and learn their untold stories. I want to celebrate artist and people making it happen. Thank you to everyone who listens in! Cheers to having No Hesitations.

Listening to Your Intuition

Jade Joyner

I am super excited to sit down and chat with one of my dearest friends, Dr. Tradd Harter, owner of Classic City Orthodontist. Talented and full of wisdom, listen in as Tradd explains his key to success and how to listen to your intuition.

The Journey to Wellness

Jade Joyner

Join me as I sit down and chat with the wonderful Amy Lawrence, entrepreneur and owner of Journey Juice. Listen in as Amy opens up about herself and talks about the journey to living a healthy lifestyle.

The Guide to Wisdom with Greg Garcia

Jade Joyner

I’m so excited to sit down and chat with my friend and tax attorney, Greg Garcia. Greg is a tax attorney here in Athens, Georgia and has been practicing for around 40 years. Full of experience, wisdom and integrity, listen in as Greg shares business advice and how he has become a mentor for others. 

A Joint Endeavor: Graham Joyner

Jade Joyner

Today, I sit down with my husband and business partner, Graham. He's wise, witty, and a great guy to do life with. Listen in to hear about how his past has shaped his present and his future. I'm so excited for you all to hear his perspective.

A Man of Mystery: Peter Dale

Jade Joyner

Today I sit down with one of my favorite people, Peter Dale. Not only does he own multiple restaurants in Athens, but he's also a great chef, entrepreneur, world traveler, and anything but boring. Listen in as we uncover this mystery man.