interior design

Modern vs. Traditional

Reagan O'Connor

When it comes to designing a home, many people feel limited when it comes to deciding the style of their home. They feel that the only options are traditional or modern. At M+P we strive to end this assumption and break down the barrier between traditional and modern. 

We have designed houses of every style: traditional, modern, craftsman, colonial, and more and we have transformed them to not only change the idea of what each house is "supposed to look like," but we also were able to introduce elements of every style. We continue to do this in the homes that we design today. Traditional with a modern twist. Timeless modern married with vintage pieces. Minimalistic with traditional fabrics. Mid-century modern with a rustic feel. These are just some of the many combinations that can be made to create a space for you. Whatever you decide, we will create a warm, welcoming home that best represents your wants, needs, and style. 

An all-modern look might seem cold and sterile, whereas a more traditional approach might make your home feel old-fashioned and out of style. However, by joining them together, you keep the cleanliness and up-to-date aesthetic of the modern look, while creating a softer, inviting space that is welcoming to everyone. 


This is the living room design for our Project Gad. In this design, we paired modern shelving, lighting, a geometric coffee table, and colorful pillows with a vintage rug, unique side chairs, and a classic stone fireplace. This is just one of the design combinations that we have made and can make.

Whatever your needs or wants, we will incorporate them into your own beautifully designed home with no limits, no boundaries, and no rules. We believe in limitless possibilities and a personally crafted home for YOU.