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Athfest Essentials

Reagan O'Connor

Athfest 2018 is fast approaching and we are so ready! The food, the music, bungee jumping. It's all so much fun. Here are some of our Athfest essentials that you cannot go without.

1. Holographic Peek a Boo Clutch 


This clutch is the perfect addition to any outfit. It is the *just right* size for a day of walking and fun. 

2. Gunner and Lux M+P Necklace


This adorable Gunner and Lux necklace was crafted specifically for M+P but also comes in a variety of sayings. These cute necklaces are available in-store and on their website. It is the perfect, light-weight accessory for a fun day in Ath!

3. Floral Water Bottle


It's June in Georgia. So you know it's going to be hot. Use this cute floral water bottle to get through the heat!

4. Drink Sleeves


While you're walking around downtown or enjoying the many drinks Athens has to offer, use these drink sleeves to make any drink adorable.

5. Stanley Classic Wide Mouth Flask


Let's be honest... Athfest is a blast but can be dragging after a day especially filled with kids and the heat. This Stanley flask comes in handy at all the right times.