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DIY vs. A Designer

Reagan O'Connor

The internet is full of "simple" DIYs and "Get This Look" trends, but is this always the easiest way to go? While some ideas can benefit you and your needs, when it comes to your home, DIY might not be the best option to get that put-together look you want. Our design team can eliminate a lot of these challenges. 

1) Vendors

We have worked with dozens of companies to find the right items for our clients' houses. From this experience, we have compiled a long list of reliable vendors to fit every specific need. When re-doing your home DIY style, it can be overwhelming and expensive when trying to find the *perfect* love seat or coffee table without a reliable vendor. 

2) Samples

A home renovation or redesign of any kind requires decisions. Doing it DIY style - you don't have available all of the fabric or wallpaper options that could be perfect for your home. Whereas, as a proper design business, we have thousands of samples to choose from. This removes the hassle of outsourcing samples and choosing from a low variety of brands and styles. 

3) Comfort

Using a designer provides the comfort that you will be taken care of. Working with a design company doesn't leave you with a half-finished project or a *not quite right* look that you definitely were not going for. A designer can give you the satisfaction in knowing that it will be done and grants you the ability to continue on with your life and work without worry.