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Our Favorite Design Trends

Reagan O'Connor

We don't follow trends, but they are a big part of our society and our social media. Most trends generate quickly and dissipate even quicker. Our philosophy on trends is that, if done well, they have the ability to define a period of time. We embrace new looks and trends while ensuring our interiors don't read "trendy."

1) Gold or Matte Finishes


Gold finishes are the perfect additions to any room. They can really "class up a joint," making you feel that you are in a five-star hotel rather than your own home. In this bathroom, we used natural light and white/grey space as the perfect spot for gold finishes to catch your eye. Gold finishes are also decadent and lux.


In this bathroom, the designer played to the white and grey floor and added the black fixtures as a focal point of functionality and beauty. We L O V E matte black. 

2) Pop of Color


On this project, we fell in love with color all over again. We accented areas that usually overlooked in design. This beautiful and wonderful blue diverts your eyes and adds some fun to the space.

2) Focal Walls


This has been a long-standing design go-to for M + P. Not everyone wants a whole room to be painted a deep navy, so this trend is more of a classic and the perfect idea to make one wall stand out (or maybe just for people with commitment issues).

4) Statement Pieces


Statement pieces vary in their form. They can be dramatic couches, oversized light fixtures, or fabulous paintings. The key to the perfect statement piece is placement. Placing a piece in the ~just right~ position directs the attention to it, making the piece a focal point of the room. In this chic living room, the bronze geometric chandelier acts as the room's statement piece, giving this colorful, fun room an industrial edge. 

5) Wallpaper Shelves


Much like a  pop of color, wallpapering the back of shelves adds depth, an element of design, and an unexpected twist. It gives a good contrast to the blah shelves and adds interest to walls.

6) Colorful Doors


Colorful front doors are, again, another example of a pop of color, but I think that these own a separate category. This trend not only brings life and color to your interior, but also to your exterior. At M+P, we believe that the exterior of your house should be welcoming and inviting, so what is more inviting than a colorful door?