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N E W H O U S E - N E W L I G H T I N G

Kaley Cook

Hi hi! I haven't yet taken a second to talk about our new house on the blog. Oh boy! We are excited. It's not going to be fancy or formal. It's not going to be fussy or overdone. I've chosen everything based on one design concept: subtle. I want the house to feel open, bright, light, and easy. I leaned into inspiration from California and focused on great lighting, an open concept, light walls, light floors, and dark accents. 

Graham and I made a deal. He picked the lot and the layout but has NO say on ANYTHING in the interior. We even shook on it. He does get his own media room that we insulated so while he lives with a family of 5 women, he can retreat to boyville once in awhile.

The best thing about the house is that we got to semi-custom build it. Working with J.W. York Homes, we were able to choose the finishes and that has been super fun. Of course I had a million and one upgrades that I eventually had to pick and choose from due to budget constraints (hey, it's ok, everyone has a budget).

We are NOT done. It's supposed to be ready in August and I've still got so much more to decide on for the design but let's start with the lights. I've chosen all the lights (see below) and ordered them and they will all be installed in 3 weeks!

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For this project, I enlisted the help of my mom. Charlotte was a designer for 40 years and even though she is now retired, her vision and taste level is so high that I just wanted an extra set of eyes on this place. Plus she's super direct, so if I get too funky (think spotted couches) she sets me straight (hell to the no on spotted couches).

For the common space light used all over the house, I chose a simple CB2 white with brushed brass details cylinder. It will be used in the hallways and I did the same light throughout. This was a hard decision because I didn't want this light to draw attention and I didn't want glass. This metal fixture will be perfect and it's very pretty in person.

In the living room, which is large, I went with a BoBo Intriguing Objects piece that's black iron. Kinda dramatic but not gothic. I love using black accents in a house and to me, the lights are the jewelry of the room. The living room will have a lot of different seating areas as we are a large family that loves to entertain. It will also have a beautiful French mural, which we will discuss in another blog post (but let me tell you, I am so excited about it)!

In the kitchen, our island is big and with all the white walls, white counters, white subway (yeah I went with subway--- more on that later), and white cabinets, I wanted something a bit vintage inspired. I turned to Schoolhouse Electric. The pendants we chose are so pretty with brushed brass details and the round globes will soften the space. 

I ditched the upper cabinets by our range and added in exposed shelving. I topped the shelves with black arm sconces with brass details that will look super cool with the other fixtures in the kitchen.

The breakfast room is supposed to be for dining but we are changing it into a lounge. And I wanted a fixture that was informal but great. I went to BoBo Intriguing Objects again for a rope fixture, which is actually hanging in store now. Gah! It's beautiful.

For the dining room, I'm on the fence and I've got to make a decision very quickly. I know I want to go vintage inspired but I don't want globes again. So I've got my eye on a few pieces but I haven't settled on one yet.

The master bedroom gets a white cool Hans Anderson piece that is large in scale. I'm doing super dark walls (I mean literally almost black) with super white trim in the master, so I wanted something modern and white to balance it all.

In the master bath, I went for black hardware and black fixtures. I will be adding an oversized unframed mirror over the vanities and I will pull a black armed sconce through the mirror. Hard to imagine? It's cool. Here's an inspirational photo. The rest of the master bath is.. yeah, you guessed it- white.

Reagan, our teen, gets an industrial piece. Her room is Anthropologie/Kate Spade inspired with a coral accent wall and navy pops. The fixture will be modern without being cold or too much of a statement.

For Ryan, our middle girl, I am papering a focal wall with a whimsical animal paper I covet so I gave her a white, plain pretty fixture that fits the room well.

Grace gets an IKEA classic. The white paper flower dome is fun and very girly. She loves it and I carried it in a larger size into the girls playroom as well. Grace's room will be mint. A color she begged me for but it is so soft and pretty, I couldn't say no. All the girls will have all white furniture so I was ok with some wall colors.

Bella gets a simple white fixture as well but a bit more playful and traditional. Her room will be painted a soft blue called Sweet Dreams.

The exterior of the house will be painted white with Urbane Bronze accents on the door, shutters, porch. The outside lights are all black and dark-industrial. 

My plan is that everything I am doing seems purpose-driven and will work with everything else. I've kept my colors simple, my ideas almost basic, and added in a few designer touches here and there. I want this house to be lovely and lived in. I don't want it to feel like anything but welcoming. With just a few weeks to make final decisions on everything, I'm for sure feeling the pressure.

Next up on the blog, we will talk about my gorgeous French mural, window and floor coverings, and creating a kids room that isn't a kids room.... because I'm doing that x4 right now.

Until next time



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