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CURRENT PROJECT- BOULEVARD Walkin’ down the Boulevard

Jade O'Connor

EEEEKKKKK! We are super excited to launch our blog today by featuring one of our favorite projects. On our blog, you’ll get a behind-the-scences play by play of what we do, how we do it, and some of the shenanigans that happen at Metal + Petal. We plan on posting new blogs weekly. Some will be funny, a little quirky, maybe a tad cranky but always real, (and probably not grammatically correct). Check in with us weekly and follow along as we showcase our projects and discuss the ins and outs of our business. So let’s get down to it. Here is Project Boulevard.

This amazing entrepreneurial couple hired us to design their first house years ago in the country. You might remember the - incredible - pool and pool house we designed for them. Then they decided they wanted to reside in the city. So we helped them pick out their new house and plan a renovation of the space that would work for their family and their esthetic. We began by bringing JOMA on board to remodel the kitchen, paint, create built ins, renovate the bathroom, redo the lighting plan, refinish the floors, etc. Basically get what we want done, done. Then we began on the fun stuff like choosing wallpapers, making a paint plan and choosing all the fixtures, 

Our clients design brief included modern pieces mixed in with “happy” colors. She wanted a home that was open, clean, but she also wanted color and some nature inspired elements. She LOVES (and is not afraid of) wallpaper which makes my designer heart happy. My main goal in this project was to keep it fresh while ensuring it doesn’t seem odd or off. Basically meaning I wanted continuity and consistency to reign so that it didn’t become a house of random ideas. For example, we carried the bookcase wallpaper into the mudroom hallway so that the spaces tie together. So let’s go room by room and discuss what we have done and the plan. 

iPad Room                                                                                                                                         Our client renamed her “keeping room” the iPad room, which I have now adopted and applied to other projects because like thats real like. No one is “keeping” in the keeping room. Its modern life and when the family is hanging out in the kitchen, we are on our own devices. So we choose two low lounge sofas in a linen stripe and we brought in Designers Guild pillows. A stunning purple velvet, a beautiful floral, and a solid gray linen all grounded by the antique looking over dyed pink rug. Since this room is small, we used brass floor lamps for lighting and a killer storage piece with a gray linen front. Next we will add in side tables and a new coffee table to complete the space. This room isn’t fussy. It’s pretty and soft and very functional. 

In the kitchen
We kept the custom made stainless steel cabinets and added new countertops of carrera marble, including a waterfall countertop on the peninsula. We also chose a new backsplash with floating shelves and added in a retro inspired fridge. Sidenote: I like totally love this fridge and want it in my own house. It’s so very pretty. We chose modern wooden bar stools and added a pop of color by painting the back of the pensuila a beautiful Ming Jade green (I did not choose it because of my name, mostly). Next up in the kitchen, we will add in a rug to pull the space together. 

Living Room                                                                                                                                       The living room is one of my favorite rooms so far. The custom bookcase is a great element in the space that we topped with super cool sconces. Side note: I also want these sconces for my house. Hell, to be honest, I want everything we have chosen for this house in my house. I love it all. Just sayin’. 

This large, long mudroom was already laid with terra-cotta tile so we kept it. It’s not my favorite but it makes a lot of sense for a high traffic area. Plus we didn’t want to spend money on ripping up a floor that was already decent. So we went with it. The built ins and wallpaper in the room are STUNNING. I chose to paint the built ins high gloss urbane bronze by sherwin williams and we used anthropologie hardware. The stunning wallpaper is bold but oh so pretty, I added in a gorgeous schumacher fabrics to the little nook and next up we will add in a new rug and some finishing touches. I love that this often over looked and forgotten space became a visual focal point in the home, don’t you? 

Master Bedroom
This room is FULL of windows and natural light so I wanted to use deeper colors to ground it and make it fell cozy. We painted the walls navy to about 2/3 up and then we carried the ceiling in white. We chose gorgeous white linen from Restoration Hardware and a custom bolster in Schumacher. We matched the fabric in the window seats to the bed bolster as I am simply obsessed with red and purple these days. Next up we will complete the space with artwork. 

i love the daring and modern design choices we have made for this house and I adore how all the elements have come together to create a beautiful, colorful, nature inspired home. 
We plan on finishing this phase of he project in the next two months so I’ll be sure to update you then. Next time we will post about an incredible historic renovation we just completed in 5 Points.