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Modern vs. Traditional

Reagan O'Connor

When it comes to designing a home, many people feel limited when it comes to deciding the style of their home. They feel that the only options are traditional or modern. At M+P we strive to end this assumption and break down the barrier between traditional and modern. 

We have designed houses of every style: traditional, modern, craftsman, colonial, and more and we have transformed them to not only change the idea of what each house is "supposed to look like," but we also were able to introduce elements of every style. We continue to do this in the homes that we design today. Traditional with a modern twist. Timeless modern married with vintage pieces. Minimalistic with traditional fabrics. Mid-century modern with a rustic feel. These are just some of the many combinations that can be made to create a space for you. Whatever you decide, we will create a warm, welcoming home that best represents your wants, needs, and style. 

An all-modern look might seem cold and sterile, whereas a more traditional approach might make your home feel old-fashioned and out of style. However, by joining them together, you keep the cleanliness and up-to-date aesthetic of the modern look, while creating a softer, inviting space that is welcoming to everyone. 


This is the living room design for our Project Gad. In this design, we paired modern shelving, lighting, a geometric coffee table, and colorful pillows with a vintage rug, unique side chairs, and a classic stone fireplace. This is just one of the design combinations that we have made and can make.

Whatever your needs or wants, we will incorporate them into your own beautifully designed home with no limits, no boundaries, and no rules. We believe in limitless possibilities and a personally crafted home for YOU.

Athfest Essentials

Reagan O'Connor

Athfest 2018 is fast approaching and we are so ready! The food, the music, bungee jumping. It's all so much fun. Here are some of our Athfest essentials that you cannot go without.

1. Holographic Peek a Boo Clutch 


This clutch is the perfect addition to any outfit. It is the *just right* size for a day of walking and fun. 

2. Gunner and Lux M+P Necklace


This adorable Gunner and Lux necklace was crafted specifically for M+P but also comes in a variety of sayings. These cute necklaces are available in-store and on their website. It is the perfect, light-weight accessory for a fun day in Ath!

3. Floral Water Bottle


It's June in Georgia. So you know it's going to be hot. Use this cute floral water bottle to get through the heat!

4. Drink Sleeves


While you're walking around downtown or enjoying the many drinks Athens has to offer, use these drink sleeves to make any drink adorable.

5. Stanley Classic Wide Mouth Flask


Let's be honest... Athfest is a blast but can be dragging after a day especially filled with kids and the heat. This Stanley flask comes in handy at all the right times. 

DIY vs. A Designer

Reagan O'Connor

The internet is full of "simple" DIYs and "Get This Look" trends, but is this always the easiest way to go? While some ideas can benefit you and your needs, when it comes to your home, DIY might not be the best option to get that put-together look you want. Our design team can eliminate a lot of these challenges. 

1) Vendors

We have worked with dozens of companies to find the right items for our clients' houses. From this experience, we have compiled a long list of reliable vendors to fit every specific need. When re-doing your home DIY style, it can be overwhelming and expensive when trying to find the *perfect* love seat or coffee table without a reliable vendor. 

2) Samples

A home renovation or redesign of any kind requires decisions. Doing it DIY style - you don't have available all of the fabric or wallpaper options that could be perfect for your home. Whereas, as a proper design business, we have thousands of samples to choose from. This removes the hassle of outsourcing samples and choosing from a low variety of brands and styles. 

3) Comfort

Using a designer provides the comfort that you will be taken care of. Working with a design company doesn't leave you with a half-finished project or a *not quite right* look that you definitely were not going for. A designer can give you the satisfaction in knowing that it will be done and grants you the ability to continue on with your life and work without worry.

Our ATH Favs

Reagan O'Connor

We have lived and traveled around the world. However, in our opinion, nothing compares to Athens. Athens is the city where our blended family and business has begun and started to grow. Here are some of our favorite spots to visit in ATH.




5 AND 10

































Our Favorite Design Trends

Reagan O'Connor

We don't follow trends, but they are a big part of our society and our social media. Most trends generate quickly and dissipate even quicker. Our philosophy on trends is that, if done well, they have the ability to define a period of time. We embrace new looks and trends while ensuring our interiors don't read "trendy."

1) Gold or Matte Finishes


Gold finishes are the perfect additions to any room. They can really "class up a joint," making you feel that you are in a five-star hotel rather than your own home. In this bathroom, we used natural light and white/grey space as the perfect spot for gold finishes to catch your eye. Gold finishes are also decadent and lux.


In this bathroom, the designer played to the white and grey floor and added the black fixtures as a focal point of functionality and beauty. We L O V E matte black. 

2) Pop of Color


On this project, we fell in love with color all over again. We accented areas that usually overlooked in design. This beautiful and wonderful blue diverts your eyes and adds some fun to the space.

2) Focal Walls


This has been a long-standing design go-to for M + P. Not everyone wants a whole room to be painted a deep navy, so this trend is more of a classic and the perfect idea to make one wall stand out (or maybe just for people with commitment issues).

4) Statement Pieces


Statement pieces vary in their form. They can be dramatic couches, oversized light fixtures, or fabulous paintings. The key to the perfect statement piece is placement. Placing a piece in the ~just right~ position directs the attention to it, making the piece a focal point of the room. In this chic living room, the bronze geometric chandelier acts as the room's statement piece, giving this colorful, fun room an industrial edge. 

5) Wallpaper Shelves


Much like a  pop of color, wallpapering the back of shelves adds depth, an element of design, and an unexpected twist. It gives a good contrast to the blah shelves and adds interest to walls.

6) Colorful Doors


Colorful front doors are, again, another example of a pop of color, but I think that these own a separate category. This trend not only brings life and color to your interior, but also to your exterior. At M+P, we believe that the exterior of your house should be welcoming and inviting, so what is more inviting than a colorful door? 

N E W H O U S E - N E W L I G H T I N G

Kaley Cook

Hi hi! I haven't yet taken a second to talk about our new house on the blog. Oh boy! We are excited. It's not going to be fancy or formal. It's not going to be fussy or overdone. I've chosen everything based on one design concept: subtle. I want the house to feel open, bright, light, and easy. I leaned into inspiration from California and focused on great lighting, an open concept, light walls, light floors, and dark accents. 

Graham and I made a deal. He picked the lot and the layout but has NO say on ANYTHING in the interior. We even shook on it. He does get his own media room that we insulated so while he lives with a family of 5 women, he can retreat to boyville once in awhile.

The best thing about the house is that we got to semi-custom build it. Working with J.W. York Homes, we were able to choose the finishes and that has been super fun. Of course I had a million and one upgrades that I eventually had to pick and choose from due to budget constraints (hey, it's ok, everyone has a budget).

We are NOT done. It's supposed to be ready in August and I've still got so much more to decide on for the design but let's start with the lights. I've chosen all the lights (see below) and ordered them and they will all be installed in 3 weeks!

Interested in any of these lighting options? Visit us at Metal + Petal to get yours + other furnishings you may need.

For this project, I enlisted the help of my mom. Charlotte was a designer for 40 years and even though she is now retired, her vision and taste level is so high that I just wanted an extra set of eyes on this place. Plus she's super direct, so if I get too funky (think spotted couches) she sets me straight (hell to the no on spotted couches).

For the common space light used all over the house, I chose a simple CB2 white with brushed brass details cylinder. It will be used in the hallways and I did the same light throughout. This was a hard decision because I didn't want this light to draw attention and I didn't want glass. This metal fixture will be perfect and it's very pretty in person.

In the living room, which is large, I went with a BoBo Intriguing Objects piece that's black iron. Kinda dramatic but not gothic. I love using black accents in a house and to me, the lights are the jewelry of the room. The living room will have a lot of different seating areas as we are a large family that loves to entertain. It will also have a beautiful French mural, which we will discuss in another blog post (but let me tell you, I am so excited about it)!

In the kitchen, our island is big and with all the white walls, white counters, white subway (yeah I went with subway--- more on that later), and white cabinets, I wanted something a bit vintage inspired. I turned to Schoolhouse Electric. The pendants we chose are so pretty with brushed brass details and the round globes will soften the space. 

I ditched the upper cabinets by our range and added in exposed shelving. I topped the shelves with black arm sconces with brass details that will look super cool with the other fixtures in the kitchen.

The breakfast room is supposed to be for dining but we are changing it into a lounge. And I wanted a fixture that was informal but great. I went to BoBo Intriguing Objects again for a rope fixture, which is actually hanging in store now. Gah! It's beautiful.

For the dining room, I'm on the fence and I've got to make a decision very quickly. I know I want to go vintage inspired but I don't want globes again. So I've got my eye on a few pieces but I haven't settled on one yet.

The master bedroom gets a white cool Hans Anderson piece that is large in scale. I'm doing super dark walls (I mean literally almost black) with super white trim in the master, so I wanted something modern and white to balance it all.

In the master bath, I went for black hardware and black fixtures. I will be adding an oversized unframed mirror over the vanities and I will pull a black armed sconce through the mirror. Hard to imagine? It's cool. Here's an inspirational photo. The rest of the master bath is.. yeah, you guessed it- white.

Reagan, our teen, gets an industrial piece. Her room is Anthropologie/Kate Spade inspired with a coral accent wall and navy pops. The fixture will be modern without being cold or too much of a statement.

For Ryan, our middle girl, I am papering a focal wall with a whimsical animal paper I covet so I gave her a white, plain pretty fixture that fits the room well.

Grace gets an IKEA classic. The white paper flower dome is fun and very girly. She loves it and I carried it in a larger size into the girls playroom as well. Grace's room will be mint. A color she begged me for but it is so soft and pretty, I couldn't say no. All the girls will have all white furniture so I was ok with some wall colors.

Bella gets a simple white fixture as well but a bit more playful and traditional. Her room will be painted a soft blue called Sweet Dreams.

The exterior of the house will be painted white with Urbane Bronze accents on the door, shutters, porch. The outside lights are all black and dark-industrial. 

My plan is that everything I am doing seems purpose-driven and will work with everything else. I've kept my colors simple, my ideas almost basic, and added in a few designer touches here and there. I want this house to be lovely and lived in. I don't want it to feel like anything but welcoming. With just a few weeks to make final decisions on everything, I'm for sure feeling the pressure.

Next up on the blog, we will talk about my gorgeous French mural, window and floor coverings, and creating a kids room that isn't a kids room.... because I'm doing that x4 right now.

Until next time



Visit us at Metal + Petal to order our lighting choices + stay tuned for more updates on the new home.

Athens Historic Preservation Awards

Kaley Cook

We are beyond thrilled to have been included in the 2017 Athens Historic Preservation Awards. For those of you who don't know about this amazing event, here's a little background from achfonline.

"The Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation Preservation Awards are held annually to celebrate local preservation efforts from the previous year. Part of ACHF’s mission is to increase awareness of the value of historic resources to the Athens community. The annual awards play an important role in fulfilling that mission by highlighting the projects, and more importantly the people behind them, that keep the town’s historic fabric vibrant. The awards ceremony recognizes organizations and individuals that have made significant contributions to historic preservation and local heritage in Athens-Clarke County, including long-term maintenance of historic properties, publications and programs, and community revitalization."

We received the 2017 Outstanding Rehabilitation Award for Project Greenhouse and we couldn't be more proud of everyone who worked on this historic home. See below for before + after shots.

Congratulations to all who worked on this project + visit us at Metal + Petal for all of your interior design wants + needs.

Click here to view all awards from the Preservation Awards Ceremony

CURRENT PROJECT- BOULEVARD Walkin’ down the Boulevard

Jade O'Connor

EEEEKKKKK! We are super excited to launch our blog today by featuring one of our favorite projects. On our blog, you’ll get a behind-the-scences play by play of what we do, how we do it, and some of the shenanigans that happen at Metal + Petal. We plan on posting new blogs weekly. Some will be funny, a little quirky, maybe a tad cranky but always real, (and probably not grammatically correct). Check in with us weekly and follow along as we showcase our projects and discuss the ins and outs of our business. So let’s get down to it. Here is Project Boulevard.

This amazing entrepreneurial couple hired us to design their first house years ago in the country. You might remember the - incredible - pool and pool house we designed for them. Then they decided they wanted to reside in the city. So we helped them pick out their new house and plan a renovation of the space that would work for their family and their esthetic. We began by bringing JOMA on board to remodel the kitchen, paint, create built ins, renovate the bathroom, redo the lighting plan, refinish the floors, etc. Basically get what we want done, done. Then we began on the fun stuff like choosing wallpapers, making a paint plan and choosing all the fixtures, 

Our clients design brief included modern pieces mixed in with “happy” colors. She wanted a home that was open, clean, but she also wanted color and some nature inspired elements. She LOVES (and is not afraid of) wallpaper which makes my designer heart happy. My main goal in this project was to keep it fresh while ensuring it doesn’t seem odd or off. Basically meaning I wanted continuity and consistency to reign so that it didn’t become a house of random ideas. For example, we carried the bookcase wallpaper into the mudroom hallway so that the spaces tie together. So let’s go room by room and discuss what we have done and the plan. 

iPad Room                                                                                                                                         Our client renamed her “keeping room” the iPad room, which I have now adopted and applied to other projects because like thats real like. No one is “keeping” in the keeping room. Its modern life and when the family is hanging out in the kitchen, we are on our own devices. So we choose two low lounge sofas in a linen stripe and we brought in Designers Guild pillows. A stunning purple velvet, a beautiful floral, and a solid gray linen all grounded by the antique looking over dyed pink rug. Since this room is small, we used brass floor lamps for lighting and a killer storage piece with a gray linen front. Next we will add in side tables and a new coffee table to complete the space. This room isn’t fussy. It’s pretty and soft and very functional. 

In the kitchen
We kept the custom made stainless steel cabinets and added new countertops of carrera marble, including a waterfall countertop on the peninsula. We also chose a new backsplash with floating shelves and added in a retro inspired fridge. Sidenote: I like totally love this fridge and want it in my own house. It’s so very pretty. We chose modern wooden bar stools and added a pop of color by painting the back of the pensuila a beautiful Ming Jade green (I did not choose it because of my name, mostly). Next up in the kitchen, we will add in a rug to pull the space together. 

Living Room                                                                                                                                       The living room is one of my favorite rooms so far. The custom bookcase is a great element in the space that we topped with super cool sconces. Side note: I also want these sconces for my house. Hell, to be honest, I want everything we have chosen for this house in my house. I love it all. Just sayin’. 

This large, long mudroom was already laid with terra-cotta tile so we kept it. It’s not my favorite but it makes a lot of sense for a high traffic area. Plus we didn’t want to spend money on ripping up a floor that was already decent. So we went with it. The built ins and wallpaper in the room are STUNNING. I chose to paint the built ins high gloss urbane bronze by sherwin williams and we used anthropologie hardware. The stunning wallpaper is bold but oh so pretty, I added in a gorgeous schumacher fabrics to the little nook and next up we will add in a new rug and some finishing touches. I love that this often over looked and forgotten space became a visual focal point in the home, don’t you? 

Master Bedroom
This room is FULL of windows and natural light so I wanted to use deeper colors to ground it and make it fell cozy. We painted the walls navy to about 2/3 up and then we carried the ceiling in white. We chose gorgeous white linen from Restoration Hardware and a custom bolster in Schumacher. We matched the fabric in the window seats to the bed bolster as I am simply obsessed with red and purple these days. Next up we will complete the space with artwork. 

i love the daring and modern design choices we have made for this house and I adore how all the elements have come together to create a beautiful, colorful, nature inspired home. 
We plan on finishing this phase of he project in the next two months so I’ll be sure to update you then. Next time we will post about an incredible historic renovation we just completed in 5 Points.