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My Current Must Haves

Jade Joyner

Apps I am using (and loving) right now… and to be honest can’t live without.

Trying to track my eating and a exercise instead of going on a crazy diet. It’s really helpful to see what I’m eating and help limit my snacking. I didn’t buy the plan. I just use the free part.

I’m starting my days with a 30 minute meditation and it’s so good. Headspace is easy to use and really helps me start my day off on the right note.

Let’s be real. We get home around 7pm and leave around 6am. It’s just the season of life we are in right now. So having groceries delivered helps a lot. I still go to the store to pick out my own produce and meats but this keeps my house full of the staples we need.

I love shopping for vintage pieces and antiques. This app tells me where all the estate sales are near me and a few months ago I used it to pick up 3 gorgeous vintage rugs for $600. It’s a must have for anyone who loves great finds.