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Don’t Ask Me That

Jade Joyner

3 Living Room Questions I am Tired of Answering

Did I say that? It may be controversial, but they are real answers to real questions.

Do you know how to do your job?
My goal with each project is to create a space that is intentional, functional, and beautiful, so I hate when clients ask me something that implies they don’t think I know how to do my job. With almost two decades of experience, I promise I will not lead my clients astray.

Can I only have some of the design?
If you want to scale back on your home’s aesthetic for financial reasons, work within a budget. Yes, you can do some of the work or implement some of the design, but it will look half done, and a half finished room is still a half finished room.

Do you do the Joanna Gaines style?
While I love farmhouse style and all that Joanna has done, I don’t do her style. I design homes and spaces for people that work for them in a style that elevates the way they live. No two designers are alike!