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Here, There, and Everywhere

Jade Joyner

Graham and I just returned from an amazing trip to California. Good food, even better views, wine, and a spa day- we enjoyed ourselves to say the least. We started off our trip in San Francisco, staying near the Mission area. I lived in this area when I was young and it was nice to be back in town (and a little nostalgic). The weather was super chilly and we were ill prepared coming from the Georgia heat. I lived in my leather jacket and Graham never had a chance to wear a pair of the seven shorts he packed. But what’s traveling without a few hiccups?

I had a complete flip out moment when we had the chance to stop by The Proper Hotel. One of my favorite (okay, possibly my only favorite) designers, Kelly Wearstler, just completed the hotel’s design and it is stunning.

Our next stop was Napa and it was breathtaking. I fell in love with the greenery, the landscape, the grass, the trees, the vines- all of it. We avoided the well-known wineries, not wanting a crowd, and toured two private wineries instead. California wine isn’t my favorite (I’m more of a French gal) but we had the best time tasting wines and enjoying the view.

We stopped in St. Helena for lunch at a local grocery where we ordered prosciutto sandwiches on French bread. Something about fresh bread makes a sandwich taste better. Then off we headed to the spa. Mud baths, facials, and relaxation at the Indian Springs Resort & Spa. It was our first time trying a mud bath (did you know they were hot?- I didn’t), but it was everything we needed. The perfect way to close out our trip. Besides not being prepared for the cold weather, this trip was amazing (one of our first trips that actually went smoothly and had very few problems). What I enjoyed the most on this trip was all the fresh fruit and veggies. Color was on our plates more than ever. I wish we could eat this way all the time. Now we are home and back busy at work.