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The Cool Kid on the Block

Jade Joyner

We just wrapped up our King Avenue renovation and are finally sharing the final look with you. We brought the outside in, using lots of natural elements and earth tones. We incorporated lots of leather and wood and metals. It is simple and cozy. Warm and inviting. This little white house is now the cool kid on the block.

Mixing natural fibers and textures, this living room has a cozy, earthy feel. We are ready to grab a book and curl up! This room is simple. Nothing over the top. It is livable and full of natural beauty.

We continued the natural wood element into the dining area. This table is one of our favorites (it has stunning details) and is finished off with beautiful blue velvet chairs.

Powder rooms always get special attention from us. The jewel box of the home. We went with a bold printed wallpaper and a hanging sink to elevate this bathroom and pack it with style.

Bright and airy, we kept the bedroom simple and functional. From the iron bed frame, the leather bench, to bright floral wall art, this bedroom is a combination of elements that create a relaxing oasis.

Yes, an upstairs landing can be stylish too. Adding in large chairs and a hide rug, this spot is the perfect place to hangout or read a book.

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 8.54.22 AM.png

Some of our favorites elements from this design. A simple and cozy home. Nothing over the top. But natural elements that are subtle yet make stylish, bold statements.

Elevating Your Kitchen on a Budget

Jade Joyner

We just started a kitchen renovation (which we are super excited about) and it got me thinking about how to elevate a kitchen on a budget. Yes, super custom renovations are great, but they are also expensive. Kitchen upgrades can also seem so intimidating- and they don’t have to be! Here are a few tips and tricks to give your kitchen a facelift while not breaking the bank.


Hardware is something small that has a huge impact on the overall look of a space. If your existing cabinets need a little spruce up, try some modern brass handles, matte black sink faucets, or even acrylic knobs. New hardware is an easy way to transform the aesthetic of your kitchen and automatically give it a new style.


A new light fixture in a great way to elevate the look of your kitchen and it’s practical (a good excuse to get a new light fixture). Whether it is a statement fixture over your kitchen table or hanging pendant lights, brighten up your kitchen with a new light fixture.


I think there are very few things in life that a fresh coat of paint can’t fix. It instantly freshens things up. From refreshing your current wall color to painting your walls a bold emerald green, painting is a very cost-effective way to transform your space.
P.S. Add in some removable wallpaper behind your shelves or on an accent wall to add a little character and a splash of color.


Display those cookbooks that have been hiding inside of a cabinet for years. Cookbooks are typically colorful and visually appealing on the outside, so why not show them off? Display them on your countertop with some trendy bookends or stack them on your island and add a nice candle on top to complete the look. The best part of this? You won’t be searching for those cookbooks when you need to know an ingredient or next step in a recipe.

Our Latest and Greatest

Jade Joyner

Watching this exterior transformation come to life was super exciting and special. We wanted to brighten up this home. Bring it to life with a modern and fresh look. Adding the wide front steps, the awning, the black windows- all were elements that took time (and maybe a little longer than expected) but were SO worth the wait. We love a good transformation and this one is absolutely stunning.

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 2.42.40 PM.png

Talk about an entry with style. A beautiful white washed brick pathway leads up to the bold black french doors- it's clean and elegant and ready to welcome guests. And the oversized planters! Eye catching and filled with bright greenery, they add just the right amount of color. These planters are large and in charge and complete the front of this house. The bigger the better right?

And we didn't just stop at the front door. We chose a light stained garage door to continue this exterior design all the way around. It adds a little pop to the exterior- and yes, garage doors can be stylish too.

The Struggle is Real

Jade O'Connor

Splurging vs. Saving is the all-the-time struggle for just about everything. From grocery shopping to home remodeling to clothes, it is hard to decide what to save or splurge on. I believe in budgets and I believe design doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s all about the balance. The balance of splurging and saving. Checkout what I have to say when it comes to splurging + saving in the living room.


SPLURGE: Upholstery
Upholstered goods are an item that you don’t want to skimp on. When it comes to anything upholstered, a couch, accent chair, drapes, you want them to be custom to your space and create a high-end feel.

SAVE: Seasonal Accessories
I celebrate holidays the month that they are in- why rush them? So no, I am not drinking a Pumpkin Spice Lattes while my house is completely decorated for Halloween on September 10th. I do love to add some seasonal accessories here and there, but will never spend a lot since I don't keep them around longer than a month or two.

SPLURGE: Statement Pieces
If you see a piece that you just cannot live without, it is TOTALLY worth splurging on. If you are anything like me, once I fall in love with a piece, I can’t stop thinking about it. Whether it is an antique bookcase or a bold eclectic chair, splurge to make a statement

SAVE: Accent Chairs
Accent chairs are a great place to save in the living room. Easily replaceable, you can stay with the trends or swap out to change your space’s style. We love to mix in textures + fun throw pillows with accent chairs, adding accents to elevate the chair's design

4 Trends to Say Bye Bye to This Fall

Jade Joyner

Fall is almost here (finally!) and we are welcoming this season with new trends. We are over the rustic look. Here is that we are saying goodbye to this fall and what we are saying hello too.

Decorative ladders have been used too often and become more dull than cool. We have been there and done that and are replacing them with modern + chic bookcases + side tables.

Instead of the rustic, wooden coffee tables. we are going with glam. White lacquer + glass are our go-to tables right now and they are here to stay.

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 3.20.49 PM.png

We are saying bye to the summer heat and hello to cooler weather. That means it is time to swap out the summer cacti for small trees. Yes, Small trees!

We are spicing it up this fall with bold colors and prints. Say goodbye to boring neutrals and plaids, and hello to funky + fresh prints.

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 3.22.30 PM.png

The New Spot in Town

Jade Joyner

In 1965 Golden Pantry opened its first convenience store in the Five Points area of Athens, Georgia, serving the local community and its college students.

Fifty-four years later, as private student housing in Athens expands into the downtown area and the student population continues to grow, needs have changed.  Recognizing this, Golden Pantry tapped Metal + Petal to help create the very first Golden Pantry Market housed at The Mark.

Inspired by the cafes, neighborhood markets, and boulangeries of Paris, France, our team working with local wood, metal, and tile artisans brought the new Golden Panty Market to life. Offerings include a full-service food and beverage bar with chef created seasonal menus displayed on large digital screens and made from scratch biscuits.

A self-service beverage area, indoor and outdoor market-style seating, fresh flowers and popular local wares including jams and jellies, chocolates, pickles and wines are featured as well. Local breweries are well represented and there is plenty of coffee, in addition to milk, water, juices, and sodas.


From fresh paninis to lavender hot chocolate (my personal favorite) to grab + go snacks, this market has it all. The perfect place to swing by to grab lunch or coffee- and yes, they are open 24 hours!

Surprise elements in this project include fabulous food, penny-tiled entry rugs, vertically suspended indoor trees, and a custom cash wrap anchoring the bright, yet warm space, leaving patrons no doubt where to check out. The Athens project is the first of several planned for similar student housing locations across the southeast. This is a spot that you definitely want to check out!

The Wait is Over

Jade Joyner

We just wrapped up our latest project, the Alpha Phi house at UGA, and we are absolutely THRILLED with the final design. Mixing old with some new. We worked with the history of the house, preserving and restoring- not working against it. Each room is unique, each having their own feel and personality. Here's a little behind the scenes of designing Alpha Phi.

My rule of thumb is: an old house needs new things and a new house needs old things. Since the Alpha Phi house was built in the 1800s and was rather classic in design, I wanted to bring in furniture styles from different eras to ensure the interior was not stuffy. I used more modern pieces in the historic rooms to keep the vibe fresh and I mixed in Hollywood Regency style in occasional chairs and tables. I added in a few contemporary pieces to tie it all together. Keeping the patterns and textures classic, from using a ticking fabric for a drape to beautiful velvets on the sofas, the lines and hues of different times blended together beautifully.

Old homes have quirks and to me that is what makes them so damn beautiful. The Alpha Phi house has plaster walls in the historic rooms making it difficult to hang heavy drapes and art. The plaster just crumbles as you drill into it. It makes an install take twice as long. But there’s something beautiful about the walls as well, they are cool to the touch even in the summer heat, the corners are slightly curved and the surface has so much character.

It was such an honor to be asked to design Alpha Phi. And one of my top priorities was making sure the girls had a space that was not only beautiful, but that they could enjoy. I wanted the house to be youthful as well- not stuffy. 

One funny part of designing Alpha Phi was making sure everything was stain resistant because sorority girls love their spray tans.

I was actually intimidated by the whole process, and I am not one who is easily intimidated. We met with a committee who interviewed several designers before choosing us. They actually called and said, “Congratulations! You’re the UGA Alpha Phi Designer” 
Since I didn’t go to University in the States, I don’t know a lot about sororities so it was like learning a new language.

I was for sure not overwhelmed by the size. I will say there was just a lot of considerations made for this project. Who will be using these rooms? How will they be used? What will they be used for? These are questions I ask before I begin all of my designs.

I wanted the house to feel modern, feminine, and playful. I borrowed inspiration from Dorothy Draper (an American interior designer who used bright colors and large prints). I am a huge Draper fan.

My Current Must Haves

Jade Joyner

Apps I am using (and loving) right now… and to be honest can’t live without.

Trying to track my eating and a exercise instead of going on a crazy diet. It’s really helpful to see what I’m eating and help limit my snacking. I didn’t buy the plan. I just use the free part.

I’m starting my days with a 30 minute meditation and it’s so good. Headspace is easy to use and really helps me start my day off on the right note.

Let’s be real. We get home around 7pm and leave around 6am. It’s just the season of life we are in right now. So having groceries delivered helps a lot. I still go to the store to pick out my own produce and meats but this keeps my house full of the staples we need.

I love shopping for vintage pieces and antiques. This app tells me where all the estate sales are near me and a few months ago I used it to pick up 3 gorgeous vintage rugs for $600. It’s a must have for anyone who loves great finds.

Let Us Explain

Jade Joyner

We get a lot of questions about the “design process.” What exactly is the design process? How long will it take? What should I expect? We are here to break it down and answer all of your questions.

We meet on site to discuss your interior design needs and wants. This allows us to see the space and get a feel for where you see your space going.

You complete our “Design Brief” questionnaire. Just a few questions that allows us to get to know you and help us understand your specific desires and needs.

We present a design proposal for our time and services.

Let’s make it official! Your deposit is due.

Our vendors measure your space for work to be done. We will also take pictures of the space we are designing (for our reference but also for some amazing before and after photos).

We get to work creating your design boards (this takes about 4-6 weeks). Let the creativity flow!

Get pumped! This is the fun part. 3D renderings, 2D layouts, samples, paint plans, furniture and fixture selections.

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 10.18.35 AM.png

Don’t like the rug? We have other options. Want to see another wall color? Okay! We will make as many edits as we need to get your space just right.

Upon approval of design boards, an invoice is sent. Pay it and we order your items (woot woot!).

Painting, tiling, wallpapering, or decorative work begins.

Work with your schedule, we set the time for your install.

Yay! We install your beautiful design and you can enjoy your new space!

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 10.19.24 AM.png

Here, There, and Everywhere

Jade Joyner

Graham and I just returned from an amazing trip to California. Good food, even better views, wine, and a spa day- we enjoyed ourselves to say the least. We started off our trip in San Francisco, staying near the Mission area. I lived in this area when I was young and it was nice to be back in town (and a little nostalgic). The weather was super chilly and we were ill prepared coming from the Georgia heat. I lived in my leather jacket and Graham never had a chance to wear a pair of the seven shorts he packed. But what’s traveling without a few hiccups?

I had a complete flip out moment when we had the chance to stop by The Proper Hotel. One of my favorite (okay, possibly my only favorite) designers, Kelly Wearstler, just completed the hotel’s design and it is stunning.

Our next stop was Napa and it was breathtaking. I fell in love with the greenery, the landscape, the grass, the trees, the vines- all of it. We avoided the well-known wineries, not wanting a crowd, and toured two private wineries instead. California wine isn’t my favorite (I’m more of a French gal) but we had the best time tasting wines and enjoying the view.

We stopped in St. Helena for lunch at a local grocery where we ordered prosciutto sandwiches on French bread. Something about fresh bread makes a sandwich taste better. Then off we headed to the spa. Mud baths, facials, and relaxation at the Indian Springs Resort & Spa. It was our first time trying a mud bath (did you know they were hot?- I didn’t), but it was everything we needed. The perfect way to close out our trip. Besides not being prepared for the cold weather, this trip was amazing (one of our first trips that actually went smoothly and had very few problems). What I enjoyed the most on this trip was all the fresh fruit and veggies. Color was on our plates more than ever. I wish we could eat this way all the time. Now we are home and back busy at work.

Don’t Ask Me That

Jade Joyner

3 Living Room Questions I am Tired of Answering

Did I say that? It may be controversial, but they are real answers to real questions.

Do you know how to do your job?
My goal with each project is to create a space that is intentional, functional, and beautiful, so I hate when clients ask me something that implies they don’t think I know how to do my job. With almost two decades of experience, I promise I will not lead my clients astray.

Can I only have some of the design?
If you want to scale back on your home’s aesthetic for financial reasons, work within a budget. Yes, you can do some of the work or implement some of the design, but it will look half done, and a half finished room is still a half finished room.

Do you do the Joanna Gaines style?
While I love farmhouse style and all that Joanna has done, I don’t do her style. I design homes and spaces for people that work for them in a style that elevates the way they live. No two designers are alike!